IA Project Technology – 48988883


IA Project Technology – Videohive – 48988883

IA Project Technology (E3D Plugin required)

With this Template You can create your own scenery and manage every element as you want. It can be used for Cinematic movie or documentary. Theres is no limit for Placeholders

The IA Model is included with Rig also you can make it do whatever you want
(see the little demo in preview). Every Layers are well organized.


Main features:


  • Control Lights and Colors from Holograms
  • Move IA Robot (Up, Down & Rotation)
  • Play with the Hud from IA (Size, opacity & position)
  • E3D Layer dedicated for fast preview (real time)
  • WorkFlow Layer with CheckBox to manage directly:
    • AO (SSAO or Raytrace)
    • Shadow (Mapping or Raytrace)
    •  Depth of Field: On/Off
    • Preview/Full Render
    • Supersampling (8:2 or 16:4)
  • E3D Layer dedicated for fast preview (real time)


  • 3 Big Sceeners
  • 5 holograms Text
  • 1 Loggin Folder( User + 1 Text + automatic write computer)
  • 2 Hud for pilasters pre rendered
  • 1 Hud Composition for Login
  • 1 Hud pre-rendered for IA with 1 video placeholder
  • 1 Logo
  • 1 Monitor (Support IA)
  • 1 for the Terminal
  • 1 for processor
  • 1 BG


Package Content:

  • Audio Files :
    • 5 Robot Voice
    • 3 Ambient Sound SCI-FI, Atmosphere, and Bleeps
    • 3 Hydraulic Mechanicals
  • 3D Files:
    • Full Scene Splitted for reflection (directly animated inside C4D Software)
    • IA Robot Rigged, you can export your own animation.
    • WALL TV (separates with 10 footages or 1 in full mode)
  • Pre-rendered files :
    • Scene N°02 (IA in the TV monitor)
    • MATTE (Scanline and transition)
    • GRAIN
    • IA Robot Movie: search & go
    • Hologram Light
    • 6 Hude Elements
  • Video Footage :
    • 4 Hacking Process video + 1 compiled to use on the WALLTV in Full TV mode
    • 1 Square Background
    • 1 Tutorial
    • Project File CS5.5 with Universalize expression


Video from preview can be downloaded here, here, here, here and here



















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